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What is SensibleNomads?

By definition, sensible nomads is; sensible = receptive to external influences, and nomads = an individual who roams around.
I can say those that love travel with a dash of work thrown in there could definitely agree that we are all looking for the external stimulation of travel and the ability to roam around the planet looking for an amazing place to hang out and be adventurous.  Some of us have the opportunity to generate an income either from the travel or while we travel.  The latter is me and this offers many options as to where I want to be at any given moment.
With this, I welcome you to SensibleNomads, the journey of adventure around the world, while still being able to make a great income!
Ever wonder what it’s like to work on the road? Travel while in the ever-lasting search for the “new” adventure?  Us too!  Going from owning a business to working for others while freelancing, the chance to get out on the road was all too intriguing.  With this, the only option was to find a way to make it a lifestyle instead of a dream.  Follow our adventure from place to place over land and sea checking out everything we can get in!

… never know, you may end up seeing us out there somewhere!