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A Sweet Stay At Alobijod Cove Resort On Guimaras Island, Iloilo Philippines

Guimaras Island, Iloilo:

Alobijod Cove Resort, Guimaras IslandAs one would come to expect from us, we tend to stay at rather nice hotels and resorts.  Well, I’m please to share with you a sweet little gem we found called “Alobijod Cove Resort” that is the nicest resort on Guimaras Island.

Location of the resort:

Coming from iloilo, there is a ferry that is at the south of the city near the marine hub where shipping and fishing are all located for the city.  Iloilo has a ferry service that runs to Guimaras Island every hour from 6am to 9pm daily and has been know to change the schedule as required. Be sure to check the schedule when you arrive at the dock to be sure your return trip is when you have it planned.  The ferry ride over is only about 15-20 minutes so don’t get too comfortable while you wait.  Getting to the resort after docking on Guimaras is about a 20 minute car ride from the ferry dock to the cove where the beautiful resort lays. 

Following the Guimaras Circumfrential Rd, as well as going through a few villages like Jordan,  you reach an intersection and  you will turn right and continue on.  The road at the time of this post is in good condition so for those of you taking a trike, taxi or even bicycle, you will find that the road is a great relief to drive on considering it is on an island.  Once you get to one of the last intersections just past Nueva Valencia, you will see a sign showing a nature reserve to the left and the resorts to the right.  There is also a gas station on your right hand side on the corner.  Stay right here and continue straight past all of the little resorts until you see the large sign of the main gate saying Alobijid Cove Resort.  Here is a link to get you there is you need help http://bit.ly/2nkH6qW

You will be greeted by a large parking lot that will accommodate your vehicle with ease. There is a gate in the front that when you check-in you will be able to ask one of the lovely front desk assistants to open so you can bring your luggage into the room with ease. 

Now take a huge sigh of relief and welcome you self to another heaven on earth. 

You will be greeted by the many employees of the resort that are extremely willing to help you with anything you need.  The hospitality is second to none, equaling that of many 5 star hotels we have visited. This resort can host both singles and families by design, so if you are a larger group wanting to entertain, you have the ability by both the accommodations and the literal facilities at your disposal. 

This includes several little huts called a “Kugon” that are situated ocean front to enjoy the view to BBQ areas to cook up the foods that you may have brought. 

Don’t get too excited if you decide cooking is not your forte as they also sport a well balanced menu in their open air restaurant that can get your tastebuds rolling with multiple flavors of the Philippines.  

When you wake up in the morning to the fresh smell of the ocean, go grab yourself a breakfast at the restaurant and while you are waiting,  request a boat out to the islands for a day of exploration and entertainment you will never forget.  The captains are more than accommodating to show you what the beauty the islands have to offer is as well as explain everything very clearly so you come away with a little history and knowledge as well.

Get yourself back to the resort before sunset as you will be in for a delightful surprise as you can watch and take pictures of the sun setting over the mountain, and then enjoy the evening in a hut with friends and family eating dinner and maybe a little night cap to end it all off.

As an overall rating to Alobijod Cove Resort, we happily give it the thumbs up as a place we really enjoyed staying and highly suggest you add it to your itinerary if you are considering a beautiful place to visit in the Philippines. 

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    • Ken

      It really was amazing, I highly suggest it if you go to Philippines

  1. Auste and Vidmantas

    Really loved the video! We’ve been thinking of getting a drone, but that would mean even more stuff to drag around, ugh.

    • Ken

      This location was unreal. As far as a drone, you should consider the DJI Mavic as you will have so much fun with it and the pictures are amazing to be able to show later. I highly suggest it also

        • Ken

          Yes it’s a really nice place. If you go there, tell the manager that you know me and he will give you a discount 😉

    • Ken

      Thank you! The videos are a new thing to add in. I think I will try to do that more often 🙂

    • Ken

      Thanks Janine, we really loved this place…..like enough to consider buying a little house there!

  2. Jaime

    Love this! Heading to the Philippines in 6 weeks and never considered travel to this area. Will look into it. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Ken

      Yes Gretka you will love it! Thanks for checking out the post!

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