02/03/2017 Ken

Care for Kids Bali

Care for Kids Bali - Jodi O'SheaJodie O’Shea Orphanage in Bali – Care for Kids

After discovering about this orphanage in Bali, we decided that on our next trip, which happens to be to Bali, we will make some impact there.

Located in Denpasar Bali, the Jodi O’Shea Orphanage has some very interesting and tragic history to it.  On their website www.careforkidsbali.com , it tells the story of how Jodie O’Shea was there to help the kids and on October 12 and everything changed for both the orphanage and certainly Jodi.  The orphanage was bombed in an attack in 2002 in the tourist district of Kuta and killed 202 people and injured 209.  Unfortunately, Jodi was caught in this terrible disaster and perished trying to help the children.

With 90 kids at any given time, they really have a mission on their hands to help these children.  There are several groups of compassionate and determined people that have, and are still willing to make a difference.
Our decision to help seems to be at least the right thing to do regardless of anything else, but also has a bit more emotion attached to it.  As Murvely’s passion is kids in her own school back in Vancouver, Canada, this has helped guide this decision to make a little stop-in and bring supplies with us.
We are working on a plan right now to sort out from the wishlist posted on their website what items are good to bring from Canada to Bali.  Some of the things I’m sure we will get there probably a lot cheaper, and some other things just aren’t practical to bring like fire extinguishers.  All in all, we are really excited to visit this orphanage and give a helping hand to both the caring folks that run it as well as the kids that require the facilities.

This is going to be an epic few days hanging out with them and hearing the stories they have to tell.  Stay tuned as I will be posting as many stories as I can while we are there!

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