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Before Sending An Email, Please Read The Following Guidelines:

  • if you are looking for general travel information, please read the blog to see if it is already there BLOG.  Basic information on what to do and see or how much things cost can be found throughout the site and certainly in the Blog area as well.  Also, you can visit our FACEBOOK Page to see what the discussions are going on there.
  • If you are emailing about travel documents such as Visas or Passport details, please contact the visiting consulate that you wish to go to their country as we have no information to be able to help you with this.  These rules and regulations can be very strict and is far too in depth to maintain here.  Check out CIBT Visas for more information too.
  • If you are wondering where to start with your travels and how to plan for it, check out our GETTING STARTED page and follow the guidelines there that we have worked on for you to make your life a lot easier in your travels.
  • Traveling…..We are not a travel agency, but can help you find great deals.  You can find all of this information on this site, but please don’t email us asking what’s the best price for your travels
  • If you work in PR, please don’t send us your press releases or put us on your email lists. EVER
  • We do not accept guest posts and inquires will be deleted.
  • Please don’t send us review copies of your book(s).
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