04/04/2017 Charlene Robles-Abando

Must Bring Travel Essentials To Pack On Your Carry-on Bag

Check the following must bring travel essentials to pack on your carry-on bag and you’ll be ready for anything and your trip will will be hassle free! So what are you waiting for, check them out!Pen


Make sure to bring pen wherever you go, there are chances that you are required to fill out some forms while you’re in your trip. So to avoid getting nasty looks as you ask everyone around you for a pen, make sure to carry one for yourself.


sweaterChoose the clothing that you’ll pack wisely! Sweater is a must especially when you’re travelling in a country which has colder weather, that’s why you definitely need to pack an extra sweater for when you reach your destination, and it’ll also come in handy if the plane is cold.


You’ll never know what will happen while you are on your trip, that’s why it’s really  spare clothesgood to bring spare clothes, but how many should you exactly pack? Two extra t-shirt and three bottoms, (note:this include short or slacks) will be enough. When it comes on your underwear, make sure to pack at least six to ten pairs (for girls) and for boys you can just bring 3 underwear. Don’t forget to bring bathing suit too for unexpected swimming or beach getaway! It won’t take a lot of space on your carry-on bag because they’re just small and light weight.


blanketBringing small blanket is good for those who travel with their kids, this is to ensure that they’re warm and cozy. It’s also good for you because planes can get chbring eye maskilly, if you’re lucky, they may even be cozy enough to fall asleep.



If you are hoping to get a little shut eye on your flight, make it easier for yourself by bring an eye mask and earplugs. The more comfortable you are the better chance you have of falling asleep.


emergency kitGerms are everywhere, so be prepared. You can put sanitizer on a small bottle or bring a small packet of antibacterial wipes on the plane so you can wipe down the tray table, in that way if you ever find yourself without your luggage, you will be relieved to know you still have your own toiletries on your carry-on bag.

7. MINI FIRST AID KITfirst aid kit

This is the most important essentials that you should bring. This can be used for unexpected bumps and bruises. Make sure to include your personal medication you might need on your trip, some pain-relievers and band-aids.


Playing cards is a good one that can provide entertainment on a long flight, especially if you’re with yplaying cardsour family or friends. It doesn’t
require batteries as well!


DON’T pack smelly or odorous foods. Tuna fish? 🙂 Airplanes are small places and due to foodrestrictionsflying people often feel nauseated. Odors do not help this situation. Instead you can bring dried fruits, granola or chocolate bars, grain salads and sandwiches on hearty bread. Whatever you pack, be considerate of your fellow passengers and don’t pack foods that have a strong odor, so leave the durian and kimchi at home.

 Just a side note, when you go to an airport with your food, you are going through a security check not a customs check, so feel free to bring what you want and can finish by time you land.


water bottleYou can’t bring a bottle of water through the security checkpoint in the airport, but you can bring an empty bottle through the checkpoint and then fill it up once you’re through security. Another thing is…. water usually costs a lot more at airports. That’s why the best way to cheat the system is to bring an empty water bottle! Don’t forget yours!

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  1. Finally a decent post about travel items! Totally agree with most points, especially empty water bottle and a sweater (even in Thailand some spots are blowing aircon at 16 C…)

  2. Yes!! Pens are number one on my list. lol I always throw a few in there! Empty water bottle is something I just started doing after realizing how much I was spending on waters at the airport! Great post, great ideas!

  3. Thanks for this! I usually forget to pack most of these things. Really good point about the water bottle- I once spent $5 on a bottle of water in the Chicago airport and I’m still mad about it.

    • Ken

      lol yes that seems to be a theme about the water bottles. Now and then we forget them too and go crazy with the prices of water in the airplanes/airports

    • Ken

      Manisha, great comment! I do too usually, but didn’t put that in this post 😉

  4. This was such an easy read with great advice! I’ve definitely had my moments of forgetting a water bottle – never again! You have to pay so much! Awesome blog. Keep it up. 🙂

    • Ken

      You are right about that Glory, nothing like spending a pile of money on water…..

  5. Krista

    Do you know what I really love? Those collapsible foil water bottles! They take up less space when they are empty!

  6. Jaime

    Love your advice about the food HAHA I once had a lady sit next to me that ate 5 cans of tuna ver a 7 hour flight. The smell never went away and I’m not the best for travel sickness at the best of times!

    • Ken

      Jaime, that would be a flight I would soon want to forget! Wow is all I can say. I am more surprised that the airline stewardesses didn’t say something to her 😐

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