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Hello!  We are Ken & Murvely Schmitt.  We are Vancouverites  from Canada who love to travel and explore new things around the world.

Even though we travel far and wide, we also love the natural beauty in our back yard, Vancouver.  It’s know worldwide as one of the top places to live and explore.  Hopefully we will give you a great example of what that means.

We are in the quest of adventure around the world, while still being able to make a great income!

Follow our blog with the adventures and excitement as we go!

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Our Mission

Mission?!  There was supposed to be a mission?  Just joking.  We we kinda have a mission that goes sorta like this…….by us exploring places and people to show you what is possible, and inspire you to do the same, no matter what your situation is today, you can have a whole other life awaiting you that allows your freedom to travel and work!  While we are doing this, we want to make an impression in every place we stop.  By this, we stop into schools, orphanages and any other possible person, place or thing that requires a little help up.  We either use our own money, raise money or find a way to physically help out.

In my opinion, if we can do it, you can too.  It just takes a little push to get you out of your comfort zone to figure out what you are capable of, and then go for it!

“It’s all in your head”

Your perception is everything.  Sometimes it’s right there at the tip of your fingers, and you pull back with the fear of the unknown.  So close, you were almost ready for take-off and you stopped.  We’re here to help you see it’s possible!  A lot of times in life we get far too comfortable and don’t do the things we really want to.  We get to the end and go “I wish I would have….”.  In other words, you died early in life and didn’t live the purpose that you should have.

Do you need help breaking past that?  We can help you!  Follow with us ask lots of questions if you want!  We are here for you!


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Philippines – February 2017
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